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Welcome to the BTP page!

Behead the prophet is a enhancement API developed to enhance the Blizzard API for World of Warcraft so that it functions much like the 1.x API days. BTP was released to the world at DEFCON 17. The original authors of the BTP code, James Luedke and Chris Mooney, have since moved on to other things, but they left the code behind for the community to extend and support.

A final note from James and Chris:

The talk went well and we wanted to thank everyone for their enthusiasm. We were hoping that DEFCON was the right audience for release, and we couldn't have been more right. We are also amazed at the number of you who have stated intent to reactive to play with the code. Perhaps Blizzard will be kind or start up a new server for people with just such an interest.

As many of you know, James and I are walking away from the project, and we're hoping that the community will carry the torch. We also hope that Project DoD Inc. will continue to be a good home for the code.

Our final change was to make the BTP code automatically mark players as AFK in battlegrounds. Blizzard has a huge problem with people running lame AFK bots in battlegrounds that jump in place and queue for hours. If they were to all run the BTP addon the state of battlegrounds would be much better. Until then we tip our hat to Blizzard with an attempt to help them with the problem.


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